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Jonas Florinus at Bauma
Jonas Florinus at Bauma 2016, Münich. The worlds largest heavy equipment trade fair.


Growing your business means reaching new plateaus with new challenges. Especially relevant will be how to increase efficiency from sales, organize production, managing working capital and recruiting employees.

With sales traction comes new topics that should be addressed: First of all do we build volumes? And how do we manage margins? Also, when is it time to expand the market? Read more on growth and advisory services growing businesses.

Construction for growth, visited by Jonas Florinus
To grow, one would need to nurse entrepreneurial spirits but also invest in key corporate assets.


Successful companies often have an entreprenuell spirit and a strong focus either on the product or the sales. However, there will be moments when structural issues becomes important to get to the next level.

  • Reduce single-person dependencies.
  • Clarify roles, responsibilities and expectations.
  • Set the basis for focus areas for growth (e.g. profit responsible business units).
  • Organize so that employees have carrier opportunities.

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King Digital visited by Jonas Florinus
King Digital, acquired by Activision Blizzard for $5.9 bn. A wake up call for Stockholm M&A.


Liquidity is the blood that keeps the company running. Consequently, don’t mix revenues or profit for cash flow and liquidity. As a consequence, being in control of your working capital is key and a focus area for all parts of the business. Not only for the finance department.

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