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Advisor to medium sized companies with the ambition to grow

Our business was founded at the end of 2016 with our first two customers. Our first full year of operation was 2017, and in 2018 we knew that we had laid a good foundation for the continuation of our business. Our offer has become clearer and we live as we learn and increase customer base. Not too fast though. We are financially strong and the driving force is to do business with ambitious people that we enjoy working with and where we believe that we can deliver real benefit to. We currently have 30 years of experience helping large and larger companies grow.
We also have a long and extensive experience of business deals. The personal transaction volumes amount to over SEK 70 billion and we have an extensive and highly active network in the Nordic region, Germany and the US in particular.
Industry skills, relationships and ability to develop our own business are something we strongly believe in. As part of our customer team, we solve challenges and work long-term with clear sub-goals to support a powerful and balanced growth. We are committed to being responsive, delivery safe and available.
Our customers are founders, investors and business leaders in small and medium-sized private companies. We are mostly seen in the Greater Stockholm area, Småland and the Mälardalen area.
Among our customers, we have industrial companies that have been named Entrepreneur of the Year. In Professional Services, we have Årets Framtidsbyrå as a customer and several of our customers have been appointed DI Gasell companies several years in a row (fast growing, well-managed, Swedish companies).
We also work with private investors, family offices, venture capital and with private equity investors. We have some of Sweden’s foremost and most well-managed investors as customers.

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