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Stockholm M&A Mergers & Acquisitions

“Jonas Has wise and discerning advices on complicated issues.”

Hans Lager


stockholm-based m&a advisor (mergers & acquisitions):

Mergers & Acquisitions
for owner-lead companies

the milestone growth model

  • EUR 8+ billion of personal M&A transaction experience.
  • M&A preparation, strategy, business cases, negotiations, post-M&A.
  • Based in Stockholm, Sweden, and advise entrepreneurs and investors all over Sweden and parts of westen Europe.

M&A (Mergers & Acquisition)

M&A, or Mergers & Acquisition, is an investment banking term that summarize the following services:

  • Equity fundraising from private, institutional or public investors.
  • Buying or selling a company, or parts of it.
  • Business combinations, or mergers, of two companies.
  • To include or exclue a co-owner in the company.
  • Share incentive programs for key employees, management teams and Board Members.

I’m based in Stockholm, Sweden, and advise entrepreneurs and investors all over Sweden and parts of western Europe.

About Jonas Florinus milestone Growth Model proven in venture capital and private equity
"Working with Jonas is great! Available, supportive, hands-on and with an extensive list of useful contacts."
Milestone Growth Model proven in venture capital and private equity
Lotta Eek

Fields of expertise

Based in Stockholm I’m often in Göteborg, Mälardalen or Småland to discuss M&A.

Equity fundraising

Timing and tactical preparation thinking ahead, is important. Not least if you target venture capital investors. You do not want to find yourself with too much dilution of your control.


These can be transformative. A new business line, improved technology, or a new market entry. Acquisitions can also be pragmatic targetting specific competences or products.


Not as common as acquisitions, and culturally more complicated, but opportunities sometimes arise. I’m happy to advise having done the largest German-Swedish merger.

Post M&A

An acquisition or merger is one thing. Far more complexed is the post M&A process to make the outcome as smooth and successful as planned. Many fail. I can help you succeed.

Exit or divestments

Sometimes a business unit needs far more and different attention than the rest of the company. Or the founder’s come to conclusion to exit. That’s when a divestment is contemplated. 

Co-owners and share incentives

A complexed and sensitive topic to many founder’s. Nevertheless there are widely used and effective structures one can use.

Top-5 M&A success factors

Strength: Successful M&A comes from expanding on your strengths or key relationships. Overcome challenges through acquisitions will seldom work. My experience.
Business case: Strategic fit, business plan alignment and timing is key to a successful M&A.
Integration: The post-M&A plan, attention and resources is key for a successful transactions.
Culture: Soft values, people and behavior and ‘our way’ are equally important as hard facts.
Owner: Timing, values and post M&A plans are often important to both buyers and sellers.Over
Stockholm-based M&A

A typical M&A process (Stockholm, or not...)

Typical exit preparations

Stockholm Milestone Business Plan

Common exit questions amongst entrepreneurs

  • When shall I sell my business?
  • Family transformation or external sale?
  • Shall I keep parts of the shareholding?
  • How does a due diligence work?
  • Which companies are easiest to sell?
  • How long does a divestment process take?
  • How much is my business worth?
  • Can I do something now to improve likelihood of a transaction?
  • What alternatives do I have?
  • How important is timing?
  • How does a valuation come together?
  • My competitors shall not know, can we ensure that?
  • How do I deal with invitations to discuss a possible transaction?
  • Who are the best advisers for me?
  • How much will a transaction cost me
  • Share sell or asset sell?
  • When and how do I get paid?
  • How long do I have to or can request to stay on as shareholder?
  • What shall I do ones the transaction is made?
  • Can I stay on the Board after the sell transaction is made?
  • Will it be beneficial if I re-invest some of the sell proceeds.
  • Anti-competition clauses needed?
"Jonas guides and helps the team to do the right things, fast."
Stockholm Milestone Strategy
Jan Söderström

"Selling a business is more than executing an M&A transaction from Stockholm or Gothenburg. It's also about timing, personal and business considerations, and preparing the company and oneself for the transition."

Jonas Florinus

Stockholm M&A Mergers & Acquisitions

Jonas Florinus

is a private investor and part-time industrial and financial advisor to entrepreneurs and private equity.

  • Specialize in engineering-based businesses.
  • 25+ years operational experience.
  • 10+ years experience with entrepreneurs and investor advisory.
  • EUR 8+ billion of personal M&A experience.
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