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Stockholm Milestone Strategy

“Thank you Jonas for helping us to be proud about what we have built.”

Johan Andersson 


Keep exploring next-generation engineering solutions. Not having an edge in technology is a relevance risk.

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The Milestone Growth Model
| The Milestone Growth Model

”OEM co-development relationship is an investment in volumes to come.”

Be part of the end-customer solution from the start and cement a Tier-1 or Tier-2 supplier-status.

| The Milestone Growth Model

”Know where demand grows to avoid the SME trapp of endless small business deals.”

Predict demand trends and customer cash and power pools. These are areas to invest in product development, features and service levels.

The Milestone Growth Model

Conceptualize a product strategy to build your growth backbone (and become attractive to larger customers in the making).

Not knowing what decisions and priorities to make makes growth a lot harder and more random.

At SEB we had to adress the bank’s legacy COBOL IT-systems from the 1960’s before we could make any meaningful product development initiatives. A great experience with product area compartments to sync decisions between the business side and the IT-side.

Undoubtly, Spotify is still a leader in product development having become a defacto industry standard within its field. I took the picture in  the Stockholm office in the early day’s of product development sprints.

The Milestone Growth Model
| The Milestone Growth Model

”Expand Bill of Materials or service levels offered to increase customer penetration and margins once inside the OEM’s.”

Price pressure is standard at large business entry sales. With a palette of logical product offerings or value-adding service-levels you can grow sales and margins once being a trusted inside supplier.

Some employees takes ownership, have the industry contacts, create positive team-energy and makes contracts happen. Find them, recruit them. One of the best investments to be made.

Invest in 1 – 2 key senior professionals in product development, sales and operations to drive growth.

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