Grev Turegatan 18, 114 46 Stockholm
+46 70 5396570

What we do

We work as advisors and resources to families, owners, entrepreneurs and investors in medium-sized companies that have a turnover of approximately SEK 20-2,000 million. Our specialty is powerful growth and to grow the entire company in balance. We have two offers, an  advisory role or a bigger commitment as we work as part of the customer’s team for a longer period of time.
Among our customers are Industrial companies that have been named Entrepreneur of the Year. In Professional Services, we also have the Årets Framtidsbyrå as a customer and several of our customers have been appointed DI Gasell companies several years in a row (fast-growing, well-managed, Swedish companies).

Focus on three specific areas

Powerful growth

Advice and relief to increase sales, new markets, collaborations or offers. Most of the time there are some things that do not occur or that irritate. We agree and take care of this.

Pacing company growth

Fast-growing companies who want help with growing the whole company in pace and in balance, not just sales. Important to ensure sustainable growth.

Corporate transactions

Proper preparation affects implementation and valuation and facilitates corporate transactions or raising capital on attractive terms.


Founders, owners and investors:

Matias Aphram


Jonas is an investment to us and a safety-net during our growth. Jonas guides us in our decisions and ensures that we always stand on our toes.

Lotta Byström-Eek


Working with Jonas is great. Available, supportive, hands-on and with an extensive list of useful connections.

Michael Byström

Ymer Technology

We have great benefits with Jonas as an advisor with the growth that we have. Articulated and not afraid to express his opinion.

Michael Ingelög


It’s great to work with Jonas.
A game-changer.
Highly recommened.

Lars Josefsson


Jonas is distinct and efficient as an advisor with good understanding also for the technical challenges.

Hans Lager

Team Tråd & Galler

Jonas has wise and discerning advices on complicated issues.

Businesses with the ambiton to grow

Ambitious investors and families



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