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Advisor to medium sized companies with the ambition to grow

We offer

Coaching and speaking partners
Challenge, propose, discuss, substantiate, moderate

• New owner or CEO.
• Lone owner or CEO.
• Growing to the next level. Typical way of working
• Monthly meetings.
• Listens, resonate, challenge, suggest , tips.
• Expanded network of contacts.

Advisor and executive resource
Supports, advices, produce working materials, challenge, partial CEO relief.

• New owner or CEO.
• Lone owner or CEO.
• New growth phase to the next level.
• Monthly reconciliation.

• Listens, argues, challenges, tips.
• Expanded network.

• Seed and series-A.
• Funding, contacts,

time and resources.

• Energy, Engineering, FinTech
• Volume scalable
• Team, not one man ventures  
• Investing with money, contacts, time and resources

• Participates actively as a sounding board, advisor, resource and network
• Long-term but with clear medium / long-term exit ambition

What we do

We count, amongst our customers, several “DI Gasell companies”, “Entrepreneur of the Year” companies and other awards, e.g. “Årets Framtidsbyrå 2018”. 

We work as a coach and speaking partner or as an advisor and executive resource to families, owners, entrepreneurs and CEO’s. We also work for private and professional investors targeting small and mid-size businesses.

We help companies grow. Vigorously.

Examples of circumstances when we can be of use to you as an entrepreneur or investor

Entrepreneur #1

On track but would appreciate a coach and speaking partner when entering the next level.

Entrepreneur #2

Sales do well but operations and organization consumes an increasing amount of attention.
Increased complexity.

Entrepreneur #3

Offering on track, but it does not take off as planned.

Owner, CEO # 1

Increased growth. Organization, key-recruitments, roles, responsibility and partners.

Owner, CEO # 1

Overseas expansion, acquisitions. Next step.

Owner, board

Generation change, purchase of partners, additional acquisitions, sales of the company.

Family Office

Strategy, investment case, business development and / or business development.


Resource for raising the holdings in the portfolio with the greatest potential.


Industrial advisor for investment cases and / or corporate development.

Balanced company growth

We have a simple and focused business model, based on areas where we excel


• Energy

• Engineering and manufacturing
• Fintech & Professional services


• Founders, owners, entrepreneurs

• CEO’s.
• Investors.


• Scale-ups.

• Mid-size companies.

Three alternative services

• Coach and speaking partner.

• Advisor, executive resource.
• Investor, under specific circumstances.

Simple pricing model (coaching and advisory)

• Fixed and agreed monthly retainer.
• A recurring discussion and working model without immediate hourlt billed invoices drives productivity and is very much appreciated


• Yearly or non-ended assignments are typical.

• Captures low and high intense periods.
• Returning customers.

Successful cases